Inclusive hiring and employment practices help build a more diverse workforce that’s better equipped to help solve the world’s toughest problems. SumFoods, a healthy food manufacturer, recently implemented an open hiring staffing® model pioneered by Greyston Bakery to create more inclusive hiring practices in the food manufacturing industry and make the process of finding jobs easier for job seekers, businesses, and communities alike. Here’s how it works.

What Makes Up this Model?
The open hiring model does not require applicants to have a resume, interview, or even fill out an application. Instead, interested workers simply go to the website and put their names on the list. When a position opens up, the next person on the list is given the job.

Why Take on Open Hiring®?

  1. Open hiring is a great way to give people of all backgrounds an equal opportunity to work.
  2. It’s also a great way to build a strong and committed team.
  3. At SumFoods, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to work hard and succeed.
  4. That’s why we’re excited to be implementing the open hiring® model pioneered by Greyston Bakery.

What’s Next?
It’s our hope that as open hiring grows in popularity, more and more businesses will employ this model. We believe that inclusive hiring is the way of the future, and we’re proud to be an advocate for change. Stay tuned to see how we continue to make a difference in our community!