Our Mission

To change lives and open doors while, making premium, great tasting, palate-pleasing sugar-free and low carb food.  

Our Vision

To be a pantry staple from generation to generation.

Our Values

SumFoods brings honesty and integrity to food while helping customers develop healthier eating habits. 

Our values include providing fair wages for workers, giving back to the communities we work with, and making great tasting food.

Create a Culture of Empathy: We are serious about empathy – You never know what some one else is going through or has been through, so don’t be quick to judge.  But rather develop the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine yourself in their place.

Honesty as well as integrity: Recognizing Humanity: We are all flawed and sometimes make mistakes, an  environment of self accountability. When you know better, you do better.

Make delicious food: The kitchen is the heart of the home and what comes from it keeps the heart beating.  We develop foods that give life to your body.  Foods that everyone can eat and will want to eat.

Customer Service Matters: Exceptional service is important, and we strive to go above and beyond.  We believe great customer service builds trust. Delivering quality with a big smile.  Listening and being open to talk helps us learn and do better.

Be Affordable: We strive to make our products as affordable as possible, without sacrificing quality.   We want every family to have the opportunity to be a part of the SumFoods experience.

Be a force for good:  We are committed to both individual and corporate social responsibility – doing selfless acts that benefit others.   We make getting a job easy by tearing down employment barriers, giving second chances, and increasing the social mobility of those in the community where we serve.  Our apprenticeship and Open Hiring® staffing model, means no resumes, no interviews, and no background checks. In addition to employment, we partner with community organizations to provide wraparound social services to help employees be successful in their new roles. Through our partnership with shelters and other local non-profits we employ job-seekers from at-risk communities. 

“At the heart of SumFoods is Kindness, Empathy, Respect, Honesty and Integrity” TL Matthew.

Founder Story

SumFoods started from a pure desire to help people become healthier.

TL Matthew, a Certified Nutritional Therapist with lifestyle medicine expertise, who grew up in the midst of a diabetic family and saw many of her loved ones perish due to complications of diabetes brought on by both high sugar and high carbs.  Weighing 245lbs and turning 50, she was still struggling to lose weight after 25 years.

No matter what she did, she was unsuccessful.  Because, unbeknownst to her, she was sugar-addicted and borderline prediabetic, and every time she tried to quit, the withdrawal symptoms kept her coming back.   She started a low-carb diet to lose weight and improve her health, but nothing helped the sweet tooth she regularly. She had to do something to address the problems she experienced with artificial sweeteners; the first problem was they weren’t natural, and the second was the awful, lingering bitter aftertaste and the cooling effects.

She needed something that tasted good and was palate-pleasing, just like sugar.  So, she started trying to craft a sweetener that would fool her taste buds, and created SumSweet and SumFoods was born.  A manufacturing company that specializes, in premium sugar-free and low-carb foods for people with diabetes or low-sugar diet requirements. From sweeteners and dessert mixes and many other pantry staples, SumFoods creates functional foods that won’t add pounds, helps curb your appetite, burn fat, stop sugar cravings, and lowers blood sugar levels.  And by the way, she lost 45 pounds and has kept it off til now. To read more about her ice cream and weight loss story, click here.