Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookie Mix


Treat your tastebuds to scrumptious, diabetic, and keto-friendly cookies with our simple bake-at-home low-carb peanut-butter cookie mix.  A delicious, diet-friendly baking mix made with SumFoods Zero Net Carb Flour and SumSweet+ for a sweet treat, with 1g net carbs. It is the sugar-free, and real wheat flour cookie you have been dreaming about! Chewy and thick, it will satisfy your cravings for cookies.


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These warm and soft-baked cookies are the perfect, guilt-free treat you’ve been dreaming about! Take a bite of a warm, moist cookie and feel like a kid again without all the carbs. These cookies are keto and diabetic friendly with 1g net carbs and no added sugar. Naturally sweetened with SumSweet+ and made with SumFoods zero net carb flour, these cookies are high in fiber, and ready in 15 minutes.


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