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Our granulated zero-calorie, natural sweetener that measures cup-for-cup just like sugar. Perfect for coffee, tea, tastes like sugar – because it IS sugar, all natural Allulose blended with the sweetest Stevia extracts. Keto friendly, lo-carb diet friendly, diabetic friendly, and paleo friendly. Low-glycemic will not take you out of Ketosis, nor spike blood sugar. 100% as sweet as sugar.

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8 reviews for Sumsweet+ Granular

  1. Amanda S.

    I love this product. I use it in my coffee every morning and I used it to make cookies and my kids loved it. They even asked me to make more and now I don’t have to feel guilty about giving them more dessert because it’s too much sugar. Definitely will be buying again.

  2. Tory N.

    Love this

  3. Rose K.

    Great product. I would buy this again

  4. Wendy O.

    Tastes great!

  5. Alexis T.

    I use it every time I bake. Will be purchasing again.

  6. Teresa L.

    I have been trying to lower my sugar intake and this has really helped me. I use it every time I have a sweet tooth and the desserts I make taste exactly the same as the ones made with sugar.

  7. Laurie T.

    I am trying the keto diet to lose weight. This is a game changer! I’ve tried other sweeteners and there was always an aftertaste but i just overlooked it. Now I get the same feeling I used to get with sugar.

  8. Sarah H.

    Good sweetener for diabetics. Tastes exactly like sugar when used in sweets and tea.

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