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Our granulated zero-calorie, natural sweetener that measures cup-for-cup just like sugar. Perfect for coffee, tea, tastes like sugar – because it IS sugar, all natural Allulose blended with the sweetest Stevia extracts. Keto friendly, lo-carb diet friendly, diabetic friendly, and paleo friendly. Low-glycemic will not take you out of Ketosis, nor spike blood sugar. 100% as sweet as sugar.

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10 reviews for Sumsweet+ Granular

  1. Amanda S.

    I love this product. I use it in my coffee every morning and I used it to make cookies and my kids loved it. They even asked me to make more and now I don’t have to feel guilty about giving them more dessert because it’s too much sugar. Definitely will be buying again.

  2. Tory N.

    Love this

  3. Rose K.

    Great product. I would buy this again

  4. Wendy O.

    Tastes great!

  5. Alexis T.

    I use it every time I bake. Will be purchasing again.

  6. Teresa L.

    I have been trying to lower my sugar intake and this has really helped me. I use it every time I have a sweet tooth and the desserts I make taste exactly the same as the ones made with sugar.

  7. Laurie T.

    I am trying the keto diet to lose weight. This is a game changer! I’ve tried other sweeteners and there was always an aftertaste but i just overlooked it. Now I get the same feeling I used to get with sugar.

  8. Sarah H.

    Good sweetener for diabetics. Tastes exactly like sugar when used in sweets and tea.

  9. Renica (verified owner)

    After some thought, I am wondering if the granulated and crystallized sweetness behave differently in a bake. Hmm. Sounds like I need to run another experiment. I am happy to report that Sum Sweet products have been integrated into my household with great ease. I have done taste tests with my husband, 6, and 3 year old, everyone has approved the raw products (confectioner, granulated, and brown sugar substitutes). I have done a side by side bake of my signature cookies. In one batch I substituted brown and granulated sugar with the Sum Sweet granulated and brown sweeter. Noted differences: The substitutes dissolved quickly into the batter, I kind of expected that they would as sugar free sweetness behave that way. What I didn’t expect is that the cookies held their structure. The dough baked softer than the original dough. Although they were softer, they were fully cooked through and were deeper in color due to the absorption of the sweetener into the dough during the mixing process. None the less, the cookies were delightful. I personally reach for the sugar free dough cookie over my original bake. This is because it is healthful and forgiving. Side note. The cookies were not as tooth shockingly sweet as the original bake. So my dear Sugarfree hunter… I say … make the purchase. You and your family are worth it. I am grateful to have found one company that offers all of the options to support a real life home chef and sweet fairy.

  10. Leslie W.

    It is great to have a sweeter option that has no aftertaste. Of course it is NOT sugar but it does the same job with none of the negative affects. I am a black woman over 50 and I have become very health conscious in recent years. SumSweet will be a consistent fight against declining health. Thank you for doing the work necessary to bring this wonderful option to our doors.

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