SumFoods™ is a rapidly growing family-owned food company with innovative, all-natural food products that make diabetic and low carb eating easier. Located in north Georgia.

All products will initially target healthy foods, nutraceuticals, and health-related markets. While its first offering, SumSweet™, is commercially available, most of its innovations are in the research or development stage. Products that we are currently working on include, cream dessert mix, and a low carb cracker.

TL Matthew is the founder and CEO of SumFoods™. She is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner.  As someone diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, TL is particularly passionate about helping others with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes live active healthy lives. She’s a diabetes advocate, public speaker, and author of the popular book Spilling the Tea on Sugar.

TL’s inspiration to develop SumSweet+™ came from her desire to quit sugar and lose weight. Being overweight and with metabolic syndrome and fearing type 2 diabetes diagnosis was the proponent. TL daily diet had consisted of mostly sugar-filled foods and other simple carbs. From barbeque sauce to pasta with sauce, and everything in between. She started a low carb diet to get her blood sugar levels under control, but nothing helped the sweet tooth she regularly experienced. So, she set out to develop something to alleviate her problem and, along the way, discovered she developed a sweetener that would help others too.

And by the way, she lost 45 pounds and has kept it off for two years. To read more about her ice cream and weight loss story, click here.

Start your sugar-free low carb journey now with SumSweet or SumSweet+™!

SumSweet™ Crystals

Perfect for coffee, tea and tastes like sugar – because it IS sugar, with zero carbs. Keto friendly, lo-carb diet friendly, diabetic friendly, and paleo friendly. Low-glycemic will not take you out of Ketosis, nor spike blood sugar. Sweeten your favorite foods with SumSweet 100% natural Allulose.

SumSweet+™ Granular

Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, if you can bake it you can make it with the SumSweet+ Granular. The perfect companion for all baking lovers out there. Make your favorite desserts with SumSweet+ 100% natural sweetener.

SumSweet+™ Confectioners

A very fine, Zero Calorie powdered sweetener with exceptionally smooth texture. SumSweet+ Confectioners is ideal for making frostings, glazes, fudge, and candy-making.

SumSweet+™ Brown

Zero calorie SumSweet+ Brown has a nutty, caramel flavor, moistness, and subtle molasses flavor. It’s ideal for cookies, shortbread, spiced cakes, brownies, and crumble toppings.