How to lose weight eating ice cream everyday

Before & After. Real results with SumSweet !
Before & After. Real results with SumSweet !

At the end of 2018, I started a diet called Keto. Weight-wise, I lost a few pounds but after that my weight loss stalled. The only options people recommended to me were to be patient, egg fast, or cheat. I wanted to make a lifestyle change, but it seemed to difficult to do so. I missed my favorite foods, especially desserts and none of the sweeteners I was trying reminded me of the sugar-filled desserts I so loved. Fast forward a couple of months, I no longer do the ketogenic diet (I eat what I want), I continue to lose weight and my belly fat, but I eat ice cream every day. How?

SumSweet! That’s how. Studies show that allulose (SumSweet) may have an enhancing effect on energy metabolism. Furthermore, those that consume up to 14 grams of allulose (SumSweet) burn more fat for energy. Allulose (SumSweet) enhanced after meal fat burning and decreased carbohydrate burning.

Here’s some information on the study:

In 121 overweight individuals, allulose (SumSweet) significantly reduced fat in the stomach and waist. Additionally, it reduced the overall body mass index (BMI). A study with 121 overweight/obese male and female subjects suggested that zero-calorie allulose (SumSweet) has beneficial effects on obesity-related metabolism. A randomized controlled trial involving placebo-control (sucralose, 0.012 g × 2 times/day), low allulose (allulose, 4 g × 2 times/day), and high allulose (allulose, 7 g × 2 times/day) groups were designed.

The participant’s body composition, diet, physical activity level, and blood work was taken to establish a baseline. 

Based on the reporting by the participants, they consumed an average of 330 grams of carb equivalent 1430 calories; 106 grams of protein equivalent to 424 calories; 76 grams of fat equivalent to 684 calories. Average total calories consumed per day was 2,538. The participants on average reported, low to moderate activity levels. The average calorie burn per day was 2,425 leaving participants with a surplus of 113 calories; and little chance weight loss.

 But, surprisingly, over the course of 12 weeks, both groups consuming allulose lost body fat. And, the high dose allulose subjects lost “significant body fat” when compared to the control group.

In summary, the study demonstrated that allulose reduces body fat, including fat in the stomach and waist in overweight or obese participants.

Significant decreases in body fat percentages and mass were, noted after 12 weeks of allulose supplementation. The high allulose group revealed significant decreases in not only body mass index (BMI), but also total abdominal and subcutaneous fat areas measured by CT scans compared to the placebo group. There were no significant differences in diet or blood work profiles. These results provide useful information on allulose and its effect on overweight/obese adult humans.

Other studies have also demonstrated that allulose (SumSweet) has the potential to curb appetite. In a specific study done with 34 participants over 12-weeks, the group consuming allulose (SumSweet) had a significant increase in leptin (appetite-suppressing hormones) levels.

Leptin, made by fat cells, is an appetite-suppressing hormone that increases energy metabolism. While more studies are pending, allulose (SumSweet) is looking like it should be your first choice of sweetener if you’re looking to shed a few pounds.

SumSweet has more benefits than just weight loss. SumSweet has zero impact on the levels on blood glucose but has actually been shown to suppress the elevation of blood glucose concentration after eating. In a study of 20 healthy adults, it displayed no impacts on blood glucose or insulin concentration; it only decreases glycemic responses.

In another study with 26 participants, some of whom were borderline diabetic, those that consumed allulose with their meal had significantly lower blood glucose levels 60 minutes afterward. Furthermore, this study showed that there were no abnormal effects or clinical issues caused by ingesting allulose in the long term.

These studies, and many others, have shown that SumSweet is good news for those with diabetes or those that are watching their blood sugar levels!

These awesome benefits of SumSweet are what make it the optimum choice for those concerned about the negative effects of sugar in their diet.

For these reasons and my personal weight loss experience, I have started a challenge to help the people who want to start (or un-stall) there weight loss potential and live a healthier lifestyle. For 90 days, all you have to do is incorporate our sweetener into your favorite desserts, coffee, or tea, which won’t be hard because it tastes like the real thing. At the end of the challenge, we will offer numerous prizes that you could be the lucky winner of. Weight loss + prizes. It’s a WIN-WIN! Click here to get more info on this and sign up.

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